Banana Dehanding

The Banana industry demands a special purpose knife for dehanding bunches. Shanley Knives provides the growers several options with brands such as Victorinox, Excalibur, Tridon and Hyde Tools.

Victorinox Red Handle (50831)

Victorinox Red Handle Steak/Banana Dehanding Knife

4 1/2″ Blade. All Stainless Steel

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Victorinox Black Handle (50833)

Victorinox Black Handle Steak/Banana Dehanding Knife

4 1/2″ Blade   All Stainless Steel.

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Fillet Knife Orange Handle (F520)

Ballard  Knife 15cm (6″) Blade. With Sheath.

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Ballard Fillet Knife F526

15cm Blade. Made in Japan.

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Hyde Curved Banana Dehanding Knife 3 1/4″ (S95051)

3 1/4″ Blade with Wood Handle.  Made in USA by Hyde Tools.

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Hyde Banana Knife Wood Handle 5 1/2″ (S95052)

5 1/2 ” Blade, curved Banana Dehanding Knife.

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Tramontina Fruit Knife 5″ (22923/005)

Universal Fruit Knife, 5″ Stainless blade with black plastic handle.

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Excalibur Master Angler Fillet Knife (52030)

Excalibur Master Angler Flexible 6.5” Fillet Knife

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